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I thought a weight would lift from my chest. Instead, I felt scared. This was real now.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I could continue, but the rest of the story is the same for almost all of us who relate positively in any way shape or form to queerness. The hours and weeks that followed the canonical verification of what was once a far-reaching femslash crack ship brought a wave of feelings, included but not limited to pure joy, disbelief, triumphant satisfaction, validation, and even a degree of new-found confidence in my own identity. As a woman in the film industry you have to fight for existence, let alone recognition, on a daily basis. This ingrained attitude hit Korra before she even existed, so it was more than rewarding to see our tiny dollop of an Avatar enter the show with guns blazing.

The Chosen One usually discovers their status after a long, winding, tragic backstory typically one that involves dead parents , and their new status somehow saves them from their old life. Her otherness and outsiderness that is still a huge part of her character in that she grew up in a secluded compound, among other things is brought into a refreshing new light by her early knowledge and enthusiasm for her Avatar position and a secure, healthy relationship with her parents.


Her otherness is not defined by the conflict typical of minority stories. Her conflict comes purely from within the story universe, as the Avatar. The Avatar Universe is known for having pretty great female characters, so despite the odds being stacked against the representation of women in media I was still somewhat surprised when Bryan mentioned the difficulties facing Korra in pre-production. The stats do get better as the series progresses, but if we got our much-needed trope-subverting lead, what are we still fighting for?

To quote:. I tend to agree, but I want to take it a step further. The decision had everything and nothing to do with my queerness. I tried to explain privilege to my pastor. Why are you leaving our church? I wanted to see women speaking from the pulpit. I wanted to see queer people accepted and engaging with church and sharing their stories.

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I wanted to see people unafraid of differing opinions. I told him, honestly, that I was tired of only seeing straight, white, theologically-educated men up the front of church. For example: how can a gay, black woman understand something as truth if she only ever hears it spoken by straight, white men?

We need to be able to see ourselves in the things that we believe, and to do that we need to be able to participate. And to be fully ourselves and considered worthy in that participation. This is why Aang placing his hands on Korra to restore her bending struck a nerve with me. You have to be willing to let your babies suffer. Even I felt a little like my own brain-child was being destroyed.

In order for your character to achieve the utmost on their own you have to remove the net. Removing Aang from the picture propels Korra even further into the realm of otherness. There is no one left with whom her Avatar quality can identify.

I See a Lot of Myself in You: A Reflection of Ourselves in Korra’s Hero Journey [submission]

In this state it becomes the most celebrated aspect of her character. She is the new beginning of the Avatar cycle. The past has been erased. And to look at it with our meta-lens, the new path is being forged by a young queer woman of colour. In fact, this moment almost redeems the ending of Book One for me due to its retrospective foreshadowing is that even at thing?

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When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change. And they kept going. The assembly of already excellent female characters abounds with the addition of Suyin and Opal Beifong in Book Three not to mention some subtle foreshadowing in regards to problematic fave Kuvira. In particular, the tropes she allows Korra to subvert. Korra grew up in a tiny, secluded compound on the underside of the world and spent the majority of her adolescence mastering the elements, and yet never has a problem talking with people.

A lot of fics seem to bank on awkward! Korra which sometimes spins out of control into socially-awkward! Show Korra is dorky, camera-shy and blushes at haircut compliments yes, but is nevertheless bursting with confidence. Instead, in the silence, you grow. The ease and honesty they have around each other completely normalises their relationship. The writing never seeks out potential conflicts or uses their friendship as a plot device.

They set it up and eventually pay it off with a slow and realistic build-up without searching for opportunities to tear it down. The way she relates with people is the biggest character development for her this season. She has become a definite leader of the krew as well as a full team player a huge leap from pro-bending beginnings. And best of all, the krew has her back completely. In these episodes Korra is in some of her weakest positions, but entirely supported by her team. And this is I think is example of her heroism, the way she relies on them and trusts completely that they can help her through a situation.

Sometimes I just have to be careful though. Giving too much love has caused people to break me in the end. I write about a girl, which should be nothing new. Take a sassy homo-romantic, and an awkward asexual, then put both personalities in a male brain, and put the brain in a female body. I get irritated rather quickly.

I do wish to be less prejudiced. I wish to become kinder and more helpful to other people. Change can be scary but for me it means growth. Using only song names from one artist, answer the following questions creatively. Pass it on to 15 people. Try not to repeat a song title. Fav blog? Or Velma Dinkley minus the dog.

Or a femme Orson Welles, or modern Sylvia Plath, plus or minus any actual talent. Thankfully, the author is dead [in the most metaphorical of senses], so you may well wonder… or check the book jacket. Few, if any, will be pleasant. Do you know that voice in your head that, for example, thinks the words you read?

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View On WordPress. If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Log in Sign up. I think the show is entertaining people in a lot of ways, in different countries and in different languages.

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Describing myself with my OTP I had this idea. I might do wolfstar as well Simon vs love simon simon x bram describing myself character otp idea challange kind of I want to see the movie SO bad please soon. Y a pesar de tu radar, se te cuelan. Sabemos que antes de terminar de leer esto ya sabes quienes son. Se van a cagar. Contigo no hay dudas.

How would you describe yourself? Ask fridge a question ask anon describing myself me. Using only song names from ONE artist, clearly answer these questions. I'm that weird kid on the bus who reads. Tag 10 people So I was tagged by minnieminsun claimyourself-lightnordark and potatolifu. I cry a lot because I miss people. They leave me and I love them more… what I dread is the isolation.

There are so many beautiful things in the world, which I will have to leave when I die. Entry 8. What kind of person am I? My counseling Professor asked us how others may describe ourselves in one word Three things which describe my identity 1. Peach fuzz ice tea 2.