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There Self must die; there the eagerness, the greed of untamed desire must be slain, for only so can the soul be freed from the empire of Fate. But out of the cavern the Gate of Renunciation leads again to the daylight of wisdom, by whose radiance a new insight, a new joy, a new tenderness, shine forth to gladden the pilgrim's heart. What he has achieved, especially during the last 6, years, is something utterly new in the history of the Cosmos, so far at least as we are acquainted with it.

For countless ages the sun rose and set, the moon waxed and waned, the stars shone in the night, but it was only with the coming of Man that these things were understood. In the great world of astronomy and in the little world of the atom, Man has unveiled secrets which might have been thought undiscoverable. In art and literature and religion, some men have shown a sublimity of feeling which makes the species worth preserving. Is all this to end in trivial horror because so few are able to think of Man rather than of this or that group of men? Is our race so destitute of wisdom, so incapable of impartial love, so blind even to the simplest dictates of self-preservation, that the last proof of its silly cleverness is to be the extermination of all life on our planet?

General Millan Astray is a cripple. Let it be said without any slighting undertone. He is a war invalid. So was Cervantes. Unfortunately there are too many cripples in Spain just now. And soon there will be even more of them if God does not come to our aid.

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It pains me to think that General Millan Astray should dictate the pattern of mass psychology. A cripple who lacks the spiritual greatness of a Cervantes is wont to seek ominous relief in causing mutilation around him. But Unamuno went on, "This is the temple of the intellect. And I am its high priest. It is you who profane its sacred precincts.

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You will win, because you have more than enough brute force. But you will not convince. For to convince you need to persuade. And in order to persuade you would need what you lack: Reason and Right in the struggle. I consider it futile to exhort you to think of Spain. I have done.

Dec 06, Robert Lei rated it liked it. It is a quick read and ends with a fairly solid promotion of the US Socialist Party from the 70s It is not a promotion of the current Socialist Parties in the US, but a reflection on Fromm's personal thoughts of the Socialist Party from the 70s which he had experience with and agreed with their humanist approach. It is important to note this work appears to have been constructed by Fromm's Estate in , one year after Fromm's death. Likely this may be an incomplete work or just personal musing from Fromm which may or may not have been intended for publication.

View 1 comment. Fromm is one of my favorite socialists. Reading this in his ideas seem almost mainstream, but then you find a little kernel of true rebelliousness in him.

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  4. My favorite essay in this was "Prophets and Priests" where he enunciates the difference between someone who is revolutionary a prophet and someone who follows in this person's footsteps dogmatically a priest. It's definitely worth a read from a philosophical and political standpoint. The book is a collection of four essays. The first, which is the namesake for the book, is incredibly interesting. Basically a brief look into the psychology of obedience.

    And unfortunately from there it went downhill, culminating in an essay on socialism. The good parts are a rehash of Fromm's more seminal work Escape from Freedom applied to the Cold War instead of fascism, and the bad parts are a prettily reasoned, but unrealistic fantasy. Mar 04, Olaf rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction. Even though I knew that only one essay will be about disobedience I expected the rest to have themes that were at least adjacent Sadly it wasn't so.

    Some of the essays feel slightly dated but thanks to that they allow us to peer into time very different from ours I keep forgetting that fear of nuclear war was a thing not that long ago. Of course there are c Even though I knew that only one essay will be about disobedience I expected the rest to have themes that were at least adjacent Of course there are couple minor parts that can't be excused by age.

    I mean in what time this sounds reasonable? It is obvious even to the noneconomist that the provision of free bread for all could be easily paid for by the state, which would cover this disbursement by a corresponding tax. I still believe that this book is worth reading. Titular essay was great and his critique of consumerism and it's impact on human psyche was very interesting, even though I didn't agree with most of his solutions.

    In spite of all slogans to the contrary, we are quickly approaching a society governed by bureaucrats who administer a mass-man, well fed, well taken care of, dehumanized and depressed. We produce machines that are like men and men who are like machines. Dec 03, A Albeirakdar rated it liked it Shelves: non-fic , he-was-high-when-he-wrote-this. Anyway completed it because one shouldn't only read things one agrees with.

    Fromm Readings for Obedience Essay

    But holy hell, that was one crazy read. An excellent introduction to the way Erich Fromm reasons. This little book presents a socially conscious argument for political engagement and resistance to structures of power. He uses Bertram Russel as the exemplar philosopher in the streets. A wonderful and sensible writer. It was unfortunate that I discovered him late. But fortunate that I did before it is too late. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

    To view it, click here. A short and excellent overview of a very important, if at first glance simple, idea. Concludes with an unexpected, and highly thoughtful, synopsis of what a functioning socialism might like look. Sep 14, Stuart Lewis rated it really liked it. A book of philosophical necessity by one of the greats. The first part of the book is a social psychological analysis of the dynamics of submission into obedience of the majority of a population by a group of a privileged few.

    Fromm states obedience as a necessary condition where a privileged class of a few want to appropriate and hoardingly accumulate common resources, and explores the techniques of coercion which include fear and erode human dignity that are used to implement it.