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Illustrations of pride can be seen in numerous places within school life such as: participation in spirit activities, wearing school colors, and representing one's school through team sports. As though student involvement was not important enough, parental involvement continues to be a driving force in the well-being of a school.

Students, as well as parents, devote their time to countless activities including: spirit week, rallies, red ribbon week, Homecoming, Snack stands, etc.

Parental contributions are seen in many aspects of student life, not only in the home but throughout school. In order for kids to be more successful, parents must be actively involved in their achievements. Although parents have always been encouraged to join in the effort to educate their children, involvement is ultimately up to the students. Perhaps the easiest way to show school spirit, wearing school colors is the most common example of pride.

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As long as students are allowed to dress freely, they will find a creative way to mark their territory. If you promise to meet someone at a certain time, and if you reach their 10 to 15 minutes late, you have essentially broken that promise. On the other hand, being on time shows you are a man of with integrity.

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A student who is punctual always be found at his duty and demanding for that time. People can easily have faith in such student, if he speaks he will be there, he will be there. On the other hand, if a student who is not punctual, one cannot depend on him. His connections will start to realize he cannot manage his own time and these uncertainties will seep into matters beyond the clock.

Being on time not only make you a dependable person but also it teaches you that you to build confidence in yourself. The more you keep the undertakings, the more confidence will grow and people believe you.

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The more you become self-confidence, the less you will be at the mercy of your habits and compulsions. Ultimately, your life will be in your control. A punctual student can manage his time more efficiently that he pays attention to details and he can put away a task to do another important task on time. They can be punctual at places like school, library, projects, and examination as well as home. It will help them in getting rid of laziness and negative attitude.

A regimented and prompt student always gets respect and social acceptance in the society and school. For all students, being on time is the key to success.

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This way he also builds good relations with people. Better academic performance: Discipline in education is very important for better education. Education is incomplete without learning discipline. Classroom discipline helps students to listen to teachings well and also cover the entire syllabus. While coming to school in time helps them awake early, attend nature calls, have a bath and breakfast in time.

Hence discipline in schools helps students to stay healthy which is good for the growth of both body and mind. Though some things happen late due to other factors, still one with discipline gets them done faster than others due to his self-discipline like being on time. So this leads to peace of mind and keeps one happier.

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Consider yourself in a situation when one of your family members asked you to go out in an evening. If you are disciplined, you complete your work in time and try to give your time for them. This is a common or routine issue in many families. So try to stay disciplined. It helps you to keep your family and friends happy as you can give them extra time.

Have more time in a day : A disciplined person have more time in a day than an undisciplined person. So more time means there is more chance to do extra works or other pending works. We can overcome procrastination and laziness in work.

Stay stress or tension free : One has tension during competitive exams or daily routine work. This is internal anxiety or unknown fear about the outcome of the work.

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Staying disciplined helps one study well in advance and not just before exams so he remains tension free. If it is a workplace, due to discipline the work is planned well and executed in time so there is no stress. Parents need to habituate self- discipline techniques in children. For this, they can take help of schools which inculcate high discipline.