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Elements of Smart Card Architecture

Quisquater, J. Smart Card , pp. Patent 5,,, November 24 Google Scholar. Rivest, R. In: Proc.

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Communications of the ACM, vol. Sedlak, H. In: Price, W. Walter, C. In: Feigenbaum, J.

Thesis and Publication: Side Channel Attack Prevention for AES Smart Card

Dhem 1 J. Quisquater 2 1. Personalised recommendations. Cite paper How to cite? Last but not least the GoCard project aims at the verification of functional correctness and security of real running applications.

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We dont only want to verify abstract specifications of security protocols, but also prove that concrete implementations preserve security properties. Therefore we developed a refinement method for abstract security protocol specifications down to Java code. Security is proven on the abstract level and inherited to the implementation in terms of formal refinement.

Chip and PIN flaw ~Msc Thesis~ by Omar Choudary Cambridge University

The refinement framework is the work of Dr. Holger Grandy.

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It can be viewed here. There is also a special KIV projects page just for the results of the thesis. The most comprehensive apporach to formal protocol verification done by us was the Mondex Case Study, whose tool assisted verification was announced in as one of Grand Challenges in Computing.

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The original case study was done by Cooper, Stepney and Woodcock in the Z specification language and using pen and paper proofs in We amoung others verified four layers of abstraction in the Mondex case study using the KIV prover and ASMs as the specification language, starting at very abstract specifications and continuing down to verified and running Java source code.

We thereby extended the original Mondex case study by two layers: specification of cryptographic functions and a protocol using them as well as the Java implementation level. All our Mondex related projects are on this website.

Gerhard Schellhorn , Dr. Dominik Haneberg , Dr. Holger Grandy and Markus Bischof. A browsable representation of the formal specifications as well as the theorem bases and the proofs of some of our recent case studies, which were verified with the KIV system, can be found on our KIV projects page. Bauer Projects Group Prof.

Start date: Wolfgang Reif Abstract. Smart cards - But only if secure! Health insurance cards, phonecards, money cards - nowadays practically everyone has chip cards in his wallet. Most of these cards are simple memory cards, used as portable storage devices. In contrast to that, the german money card "Geldkarte" and the Subscriber Identity Module SIM used in cellular phones are so called smart cards. The main characteristics of the smart cards is that they contain a small microprocessor. Thereby they can conduct calculations independently and secret information doesn't need to be disclosed in order to be processed.

Therefore they are well-suited as storage for secrets or the electronic representation of economic goods and have to deal with lots of security threats. For example, customers want anonymity and protection against the loss of the digital economic goods, the service providers don't want the digital goods to be copied or manipulated.