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Discuss causes to this problem and suggest solutions. In many countries, juvenile delinquency has become a topical issue.

Some of them will be discussed in detail below, followed by suggested solutions. Email This BlogThis! Does participation in community work qualify as an alternative? But I tried it, and it was successful!

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The examiner will give you a band score for each individual criterion above and then your final score for writing task 1 is the average of the 4. Learn the 6 main types of charts that can be given in writing task 1 maps, diagrams, bar charts, tables, line graphs and pie charts. It is also possible to get a combination of two types, for example a bar chart with a pie chart.

Practice writing the introduction statement. Here are two examples, which one do you think it best? The introduction is usually very quick to write and quite formulaic standard in content. Practice identifying key features for all kinds of charts. The key features make up the content of the overview which is the most essential paragraph in your task 1 report. The key features for most charts are the highest and lowest categories as well as the most significant differences between categories.

However, for diagrams the key stages can be harder to identify so here a link to a sample introduction and overview for an IELTS diagram. Many students get confused whether to have a conclusion or an overview — make sure you get it right. Get a list of useful vocabulary for each type of writing task. This is particularly important for line graphs, maps and pie charts. The line graph is the type of writing task 1 which has the biggest range of possible vocabulary that can be used.

However, as mistakes can cause you to lose points, it is important not to take chances with your vocabulary. To get a good score, you will also need to work on complex sentence structures. For students aiming for band score 6 and above, this is essential. Along with grammar is accuracy. The more mistakes you make the lower your score will be so getting rid of common errors is important. If you have frequent errors, you may get band score 5 for grammar.

You need to make sure you structure your report correctly as the examiner will pay attention to the organisation of information and paragraphing. Make sure you follow this as it is easy to get a good score for organisation. Linking is also very important. You will need to show the examiner a range of linking devices that connect information together and compare information in a coherent way.

Again, linking is very easy to learn so make sure you pay attention to this. Different charts use different linkers so make sure you review each type of task to see the best linking devices to use. Follow safe models. There are a lot of sample answers for you to follow on the internet, but following a safe model which fulfills the requirement set by IELTS is essential.

Before your test, make sure you practice writing on the official IELTS answer sheet for writing task 1. Watch this video lesson to learn why you should practice with the answer sheet and how to fill it in properly. Here is a link to download the answer sheet. The link already present is broken. Can you please attach the correct link here.

Morning Liz, Really appreciate all your efforts! I see lot of sample letter questions. There is a link above to model letters which are full letters that you can read and learn from for IELTS. Could you please let me know if for task1 in Ielts Academic we may receive to write a letter or that is the case only for Ielts General? Thanks for all your great efforts!

I am wondering if it is fine to have only two sentences in my body paragraphs. Though it can be seen in examples you have provided, some other teachers say it should be at least three sentences. Which one is correct? For writing task 2, all main points should be fully extended which means that the body paragraphs are mostly of equal length. However, writing task 1 is not an essay, it is a report. Paragraphs are not balanced in length. It is even possible to have a paragraph of one sentence. Your content is so helpful and comprehensive.

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Thank you for the information. I would like to ask you a question in writing test. Is it ok if we write the reason why is the percentage different from one year to another year? Thank you. If the reason is stated in the chart, you can write it. The patterns have not changed.

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They gave multiple tasks and single tasks in the past, and they do the same now. Hy Liz, I just want to tell you that you are doing an amazing job, by helping alot of people understand the mechanics of IELTS, and that too for free. You are an amazing human being, may the blessings of Allah be upon you.

I followed you and IELTS Cambridge books religiously from the day i started preparation, yesterday i got my result and i got an overall 8. Such a great improvement from band 7 to 8!! Hello Liz, I have some challenges in my writings.

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I am weary of task 2 essay writing. Pls advice me. Hi liz, Can overview contain numbers, percentages or years? I have my exam very soon. Please respond at your earliest. Yes, it is possible.

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There is no fixed rule. The majority of the time, the overview will contain only description.

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But there are cases such as totals in a table when the overview might contain numbers. If you do that, you will need to change the heading on the paper so that the examiner knows clearly and easily which paper is which. Could you please upload video with tips for writing task 1 in GT.

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I am going to take GT in September 9. Hi liz can i ask what is the difference between campbridge textbook ielts 9 and 10? What book should i used?? Im a nurse im planning to get ielts next year. The books are published in order of age: book 12 is the most recent.

You can use all books to help you prepare, but books 9 — 12 are the best. From where I get written samples for writing task so I can check the pattern and follow it in my practice? See the main pages of this website. Hello Liz, I really appreciate your effort for posting such a useful videos.