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He also fell in love with Ginerva King, a girl from the upper crust of Chicago Society.

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Distracted by her and his extracurricular activities, his grades dropped so low in that he had to leave school for a while. He returned to Princeton in , but was distraught when his love affair with Ginerva was terminated by her. As a result, he decided to quit college and join the army in , wanting to experience the war in Europe.

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  • Instead, he was sent to Alabama, where he met the lovely, wild, and undisciplined socialite, Zelda Sayre. She refused to marry him, for he could not support her. As a result, he went to New York in , after being discharged from the army, in hopes of earning a fortune in the literary world so he could win Zelda as his bride. When his first novel was accepted for publication, Fitzgerald had the success and acclaim he had sought.

    They also traveled extensively and knew all the expatriate American writers in England and France. Despite their glamorized marriage, it was very tumultuous. With no real career, F. Scott had time to devote to writing. This Side of Paradise, his first novel, was published in Encouraged by the attention it drew, Fitzgerald began to devote more time to his literary career. The Beautiful and the Damned, his second novel, and Tales of the Jazz Age, a collection of stories, were both published in and won Fitzgerald additional praise. In , he produced a play, The Vegetable, which did not do well at all.

    His next novel, however, became his greatest success; he published The Great Gatsby in , and it quickly brought him praise from the literary community, but it failed to give him the needed financial security he sought. A year later he published, All the Sad Young Men, a collection of short stories. During the s, he often tried reordering his life by moving from place to place; but he could not escape from his problems or his reputation.

    By , Zelda had her first breakdown and went for treatment to a Swiss clinic. Fitzgerald tried to write during this period and finally completed his next novel, Tender is the Night, which was published in His last novel, The Last Tycoon, was published in and made into a film. In , Zelda was hospitalized in the United States for treatment and never came out of an institution again. In response to the loss of Zelda, Fitzgerald totally drowned himself in alcohol, and his later works do not have the polish or control of his earlier ones.

    While in California, he met Sheila Graham, a twenty-eight year old British newspaper correspondent. The acquisition of material wealth is often equated with happiness in this country. This is true today, and it was true during the 's, the setting of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.

    That the majority of Americans believe that wealth and happiness are the same is a result of our market economy that encourages consumption and conditions us to think that we need material possessions to be happy. Characters in The Great Gatsby words - 3 pages people, and that by being this way every one will like him. He tries to befriend everyone, even people who he would say he looked down upon, Daisy, a who is spoiled and selfish, Jordan who cheats in benefit of herself, Tom an adulterer and a woman beater, even The Great Gatsby, a man who has been dominated by his emotions.

    Works Cited Fitzgerald, F. New York: Scribner Classic, The objects symbolize something so much more than what meets the eye.

    The Great Gatsby Modernist Fiction English Literature Essay

    You detect simpler ideas, such as the colors used in the story, the usage of cars, Gatsby's mansion, and the valley of ashes. All the while, you read about more elaborate symbols, like the eyes of Doctor T. Eckleburg, the green light on Daisy's dock, the East and West Eggs, and the entire novel in general. Symbolism is the key to create a story to be as marvelous as it can be. Scott Fitzgerald is bursting with symbols and motifs. Looking deeper into these symbols will uncover the abstract and intangible themes and messages portrayed throughout the novel.

    By uncovering all of these symbols and exposing them in their true light, a better understanding of the messages F.

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    • Scott Fitzgerald is revealing can be obtained. The three which I believe to be the most prominent and most crucial to the development of the novel are: cars, the green light, and the Valley of Ashes. Automobiles in "The Great Gatsby" were, I believe, the most widely used symbol throughout the entire novel. Cars, especially Gatsby's car, represented the extravagance and grandeur of the Jazz Age.

      Nick describes it as "a rich cream color, bright with nickel, swollen here and there in its monstrous length with triumphant hatboxes and supper-boxes and tool-boxes, and terraced with a labyrinth of windshields that mirrored a hundred suns" Fitzgerald Materialism in "The Great Gatsby" words - 3 pages equation; when you don't have love, it is hard to say that you are happy. Scott Fitzgerald proves this to its entirety. When having to decide between an empty marriage with her husband Tom and Jay Gatsby, her love interest, she chooses Tom even though he doesn't make her truly happy.

      It is then evident all throughout the novel that materialistic properties of wealth and status triumphs over love. In , Daisy became acquainted with Jay Gatsby from Louisiana. Though they seemed very close with each other, marriage wasn't in the picture. In fact, it was so common, that if you were treated as an equal to a man, that was considered wrong.

      Feminism consists of ideas and beliefs about what culture is like for women just because they are women, compared to what the world is like for men just because they are men Womens History-Feminism. This book demonstrates many examples of feminism. It shows the dependence woman had on men, as well as the few who were independent.

      It also shows how women are looked at as objects and not as equals. Women were also very stereotyped and prejudged. Symbolism in The Great Gatsby words - 7 pages Symbolism is a very important prospect of a novel when it is used. Authors Often use symbolism to show different emotions and feelings that are being tossed around in a characters head. Scott Fitzgerald, the author uses different types of symbolism such as the green light, the Eyes of T. I will be expressing all of these in detail.

      The Best Essay Topics for The Great Gatsby by F.S. Fitzgerald

      The first aspect of symbolism that the reader learns about is the green light. You find out about the green light at the end of chapter one. At first F. Women in The Great Gatsby words - 7 pages The great Gatsby gives us an accurate insight into the s zeitgeist regarding the role of women in society.

      The Great Gatsby: What it says to modern America - BBC News

      America was in a state of an economic boom and rapid change. Society had become less conservative after world war one. The role of women was revolutionary during this time and although women had a lot more freedom now; they were still confined to their sexist role within society; Men were still seen as the dominant gender. Scott Fitzgerald illustrates the extremities of gender and social class, and the lack of independence this brought upon women. Responsibility in The Great Gatsby words - 4 pages ResponsibilityThe character qualities of individuals has become a popular theme in literature.

      Scott Fitzgerald's book, The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald recognizes the conflict between wealth and responsibility. In the book the narrator, Nick, describes how two of the main characters, Tom and Daisy, use their wealth to hide from what the poor must face everyday. Tom and Daisy lived on the banks of the East Egg, where they enjoyed the finer things in life. And no matter what happened they always seemed to care only of themselves.

      In the telling of Tom and Daisy's actions, Nick also seems to implicate that, in general, people and society use their wealth to hide behind. The Great Gatsby Symbolism in The Great Gatsby words - 3 pages Symbols are always used in novels to help readers understand the story in-depth. Symbols such as the area where these two characters lived, the eyes of Doctor T.

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      Eckleburg, and the cars in this story were all used for this. This novel was filled with symbols and symbolism, which try to convey Fitzgerald's ideas to the reader. Symbols were constantly used in Fitzgerald's novel to help develop the characters of George Wilson and Jay Gastby. An important symbol was where Jay Gatsby and George Wilson lived, and how it symbolized their dreams.

      They attained their positions through immense achievement, placing them far above the average person. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, many characters are described using different key adjectives like 'thrilling' and 'sturdy'. The title character Jay Gatsby is described as 'great'.

      The Great Gatsby - Summary & Analysis - F. Scott Fitzgerald

      His descriptions did not only creates sympathy, but also made Gatsby, the outlaw bootlegger, somehow admirable. At the roaring ages of s, the booming economy brings up the notion of American dream. People chase the American dream in pursuit of happiness while some of them believe that wealth will fix everything in life.

      Scott Fitzgerald, it is obvious that Fitzgerald patterned the novel after his life. There are many similarities between the people, events, and experiences in Fitzgerald's life that mirror those in the book.