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The authors of this article summarize how media can be used to reduce tobacco consumption. Additionally, they point out some of the risks associated with tobacco consumption. Journal of Health Communication , The authors of this article review empirical studies of how ant-smoking campaigns impacts on the youths. In their studies, they conclude that anti-smoking advertisements prevents teenagers from smoking tobacco.

World Health Organization. Geneva: World Health Organization. The author of this report is WHO in pursuit to establish the status of tobacco epidemic globally. Additionally, the report assesses how enforcing bans on cigarette sponsorship, promotion, and advertisement can help reduce tobacco consumption. Free unlimited revisions. Free Work Cited.

Free title page. Free Plagiarism scan. Free Inquiries. Free Table Of Content. You can conveniently pay via a Credit Card. For more information: Readmore. These groups are formed by a variety of factors, such as: race, age, gender, etc. The point of creating these subgroups is because each group is supposed to share a similar mindset as the other people in the group. This means that an elderly group might all disapprove of the same thing, just as a group of teens may all think that something is cool. It is these subgroups that this paper will now delve into, because tobacco advertisement targets these various groups in different ways.

Marlboro has been actively advertising much more towards men for the past thirty years due to a shift in its social status.

Argument On The Tobacco Advertising

The advertisements below show a few of the assorted rugged cowboys who represented Marlboro cigarettes for a man. This push for manliness was due to the fact that Marlboro has a higher percentage of female smokers than any other brand. The image is that of a solitary cowboy, with a tough look. He has a simple background, which gives full attention to the cowboy himself. He has reins in his hand so he is also riding. He was tough and strong, as well as being a man who can work to get the job done.

After analyzing the two images, the image on the right really helps to show the effects social patterns have on advertising. This image is much friendlier in its presentation. The three cowboys appear to be talking and smiling as they carry their saddles. They are standing in a brightly colored field, and the sun is glaring down. These various changes were brought about due to the market research that is constantly attempting to stay aware of the new trends. As the social norms changed, so too did the Marlboro cowboy.

Once stoic and reserved, the Marlboro Cowboy began to socialize and smile to create a more relaxed and approachable feeling. The advertisements showed men, doing manly things, and all around being what a man was supposed to be. However, the advertisements took on a significant change when advertising to women also became the norm. Initially, the advertisements painted smoking as a new symbol of freedom for women.

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This advertisement campaign always showed a strong, thin, and independent woman smoking. The Virginia slims advertisement shows a capable looking attractive woman who is standing on her own. The background is blank which gives more attention to the woman herself. She has no man near her in the advertisement because she is showing her independence by standing alone.

Another tobacco company that advertised to women is Satin. This brand was created in as competition for the manlier cigarette companies. Satin advertises mainly to women in an attempt to create a larger female smoking population. The advertisements used by Satin generally cater to attractive, educated working women who enjoyed smoking cigarettes.

The advertisements usually show an attractive and thin young woman who is always very well dressed. In the advertisement above, she is laughing and enjoying her time with a good-looking man in a suit.

Cigarette Advertising essays

This gives the impression that even classy and higher-status women smoke as well. These advertisements promote self-indulgence and relaxation, while also projecting an aura of class and fantasy. This group itself is broken up even more with the 12 to 18 age group receiving the most influence from the tobacco advertisements.

These young adults are targeted by tobacco companies because they are going through a time of experimentation as well as transitioning into adulthood. It is during this time that many teens first try, and become addicted to cigarettes. The most important aspect of these young adults however is that the brand that they first begin to smoke when they are young, will most likely become the brand they continue to smoke as they get older. Thanks to the addictive qualities of nicotine, cigarette companies are able to create potentially life long customers.

It is this that creates the constant struggle to market to this young adult age group, without directly marketing to them.

Advertisements that cater to young adults have a few key ingredients. The first and foremost part of just about every advertisement that markets to the younger age group is that the people in the advertisement are having fun. This is the most important point that tobacco companies want to get across with their advertisement.

Health effects of tobacco

They want the young adults that will become the next generation of smokers to see these advertisements and believe that smoking is a fun and cool thing to do. As it can be seen in both of the above pictures, the people in the advertisements are usually around college age and also generally fit and attractive. Tobacco companies cannot of course publish advertisements with children under the age of eighteen smoking, so this is the next best thing. Often times these young adults look up to the older college age people who in a sense, set the standard for how they should look and act.

It is through advertisements like these that tobacco companies are still able to indirectly market to young adults in an attempt to create new customers. In , Congress took the first real step towards the ban of tobacco advertisement by passing the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act. This act began on January 2, and banned the advertising of cigarettes on television and radio.

This led most tobacco companies to switch to primarily print ads through billboards, newspapers, and magazines. The role of advertising to business according to American Advertising Federation is great as it takes nearly half of the expenses incurred by businesses in each financial year American Advertising Federation, Thus, much question arises when the most invested business sector happens to bring questions and even lead to firing of leaders of companies on the choice and relevancy of the advertisements they make for their companies Marcel Kristel March 23, The Impact of Advertising And Children To persuade, to inform, to entice, to appeal, to delegate, and to sell are all forms of advertising.

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Companies have mastered the art of advertising. Although smoking prevalence has declined from and , it may be claimed that that tobacco cigarettes prevalence among Kazakhstan population is still significant problem Peto et al. According to Gallagher et al. Term Papers words 7. The intent was to eliminate the tobacco industry from advertising to children and young adults, stating such advertisements encouraged smoking.

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