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Summer students connect their passions with the wider world and see firsthand how their endeavors improve our community. They work closely with top-notch professors, getting real-time feedback, which keeps them plugged into the latest industry trends.

Residential options give them a taste of living on a college campus, while non-residential options offer scheduling flexibility. Develop basic computer programming and electronic hardware literacy in pursuit of enriching the lives of children with disabilities and medically complex needs. As part of a long-running partnership, Sarah Lawrence College and the International Film Institute of New York IFI offer a unique opportunity to learn the art of filmmaking in an in-depth, supportive, and intimate program.

Designed to give high school students an immersive experience into Sarah Lawrence College's pedagogy, this program provides students theoretical, historical, and present-day perspectives on social and cultural issues involving class, gender, sexuality, and race. Ashley R.

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We are located in Hancock, New York only 2. Watch Video. SUNY Cortland is an academic community dedicated to diverse learning experiences. Students grow as engaged citizens with a strong social conscience fostered by outstanding teaching, Teens ages can join us for a week Designed for ambitious high school graduates.

But enough of that. Scroll to Top. Navigation Menu. The Institute was founded by its Director, William Patrick, in and held on the shores of Lake George in Silver Bay, prior to moving to its current location at Skidmore College in This program has been such a blast from the very beginning!

From reading at Cafe Lena to coming up with 14!!!


The group became very close very quickly, and the two weeks zipped by so fast. My time here has been marked by powerful, cathartic experiences and an overwhelming sense of belonging. Through this program, I have learned that open-mindedness and commitment are the unforgettable keys to becoming a memorable and relatable author. I made some very close friends despite the short time we spent together, and I got to spend each day doing the thing I love the most — writing. And I learned new styles of writing, like screenwriting and villanelles, and I made new pieces in the process.

Beyond the vast amount I learned about writing, the connections and friendships that have been made here will be etched into my memory forever. My friends and I have already been talking about coming back next summer. Being a part of this program has proven to be very helpful for my writing work.

Top Summer Creative Writing Programs for High Schoolers

The classes and professors were very specific and detailed as to what makes a good story. The most amazing thing about this place was the food — just kidding! But that was really good too. I ended up making more friends than I expected.

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And all the free time was excellent — it allowed me to get so much work done. This program was only two weeks long but I could have stayed here for a month. The people and the experiences I have had here are better than anything I have done in the past. My writing abilities have grown and my love for words is more apparent to me now than ever before. The teachers and the other students have really made this a memorable experience for me.

Everyone here was so passionate about their writing! And they were all so willing to help out someone if they needed it. This has shown me how much writing actually means to me and how my words can truly touch someone. This has been an adventure I will never forget. It was very inspirational, and I learned a lot here. This was such a wonderful and unique experience.

I met so many amazing people and had so much fun. I have never been with so many people who have such similar interests yet are so different that I can learn a lot from them. For the past two weeks or so, I have been treated as a writer, as someone who has something meaningful and important to say, and that has been an awesome experience that has cured a lot of my doubts about this craft of writing. The people are awesome, the teachers are amazing, and I am very happy that I got to come here. This program is a healthy and constructive way to nurture your love for writing.

The teachers and students here are all very accepting, and they critique so well.